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CP5638-This assignment involves two parts, to be implemented as Web pages and submitted as described below. 1. Project Plan 2. Small Website

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CP5638 – Assignment 1 Project Plan & Small Website Task:

This assignment involves two parts, to be implemented as Web pages and submitted as described below. 1. Project Plan 2. Small Website Due: Your (fictional) client for the assignment has provided a Word document containing a description of their goals and some text content, as well as a number of images and an Excel spreadsheet with more content for the site. Your task is to turn this into a clear useful plan and a small functional website . Project Plan: Write your project plan so that it is a useful working document to guide your development. Carefully consider the description provided by the client to inform your planning. Complete the plan by editing the plan.html template file provided, which contains the following required sections: Goals Concisely state what the goal (purpose) of the website is. Note that the mission must be to improve something in a measurable way. To “provide information about something” is not a good mission, since you can’t see a measurable improvement. Why is the site needed? How does it benefit the client? Be clear and specific. Good mission statements are usually only a few sentences and contain no unnecessary information. Success Evaluation Describe the process(es) by which the site’s success will be evaluated. Note that “hits” only counts people (or robots) visiting your website, which says nothing about whether the site has achieved its mission. How do you know that the site does what the client wanted? Measure the mission you stated above. Target Audience Describe two things clearly and specifically: 1. the target audience that your site is intended for (be specific; you can’t aim for everyone) 2. how you will intentionally design the site to cater to this group (as distinct from another, different target audience). Site Flowchart Create a site flowchart to show the hierarchy of pages in the site and their relationships. Each page should be represented by one box. The order of boxes is the order these links should appear on the site. If you don’t have a preferred drawing program for flowcharts, use www.draw.io. Save your flowchart as a PNG file (normally the best file format for plain, straight-lined diagrams like this) and insert the image in your plan file under this heading. Plan plan.html is the template file provided for your documentation, which you must use. Do not change the file name or the formatting. ● Do not edit it in Word – just save it and edit it as an HTML file (in Notepad++, PHPStorm, etc.) ● Each section has a heading and a spot (…) for its content. ● Add your name in the

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