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Differences between narrative and descriptive writing

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The differences between a narrative and descriptive writing are many. They are the following.

  1. A narrative is a story while a descriptive writing or a descriptive essay is an explanatory scheme. A story is told by a story teller who need not have all the facts about the characters in a story. Much different is that in descriptive writing, the writer must vividly give all the facts and information about the subject.
  2. In narrative writing, the writer successfully give the plot of the story in a chronological order while in the descriptive writing, the writer give the exhaustive details of the place, person or the thing.it is through this that the reader, or the audience of the descriptive writing is able to visualize the information given.in this way, the reader is able to create a mental picture of the situation.
  3. In narrative writing, there is a sequential flow of events. One events leads to the other and they are therefore connected on a cause-effect perspective. While one thing leads to another, the case is different in descriptive writing since there is no logical connectivity of whatever is being described. The situation, thing person or place is described at the likeness of the writer. The readers cannot establish any illogical arrangement because there is nothing that is leading to each other.
  4. Narrative writing involves creativity and imagination and fantasizing whereas descriptive involves giving details that are relatively stable and in some sense is in line with the reality. The difference here is that in descriptive writing, less imagination is involved hence less creativity.
  5. In descriptive writing, the writers involve the characters observed by the five senses of the body while in narrative, the writers use personal experiences and tells it in a story form.
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