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HCA411 Lesson1-8 and task 1-8

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(Health Facility Business Plan) will be 16-20 pages (Lessons and Tasks) to include:
1. A redesign of the given healthcare center or a newly designed center in a setting similar to where you live and work or would like to live and work.
2. Discussion of the problems that warrant a redesign of the healthcare center along with a thorough analysis and suggested solutions.
3. A description and rationale for the choice of specialization for the healthcare setting.
4. Description of the clients for the center. Include issues of diversity, special needs, health issues.
5. Designation and management policies for medical and support staff with job descriptions.
6. Description of clients with type of pay (Medicare, self pay, Medicaid, private insurance, Military insurance)
7. Policies for security of patient information and physical security.
8. Creation of an advertising and marketing campaign for diverse consumers.
Your paper should have the following headings:

1. Background
2. Management’
3. Human Resources/Medical Support Staff
4. Financial Considerations
5. Advertising and Marketing
6. Professionalism

Your paper should also include a table of contents and page number
Written Project:
Your written final project will address all of the eight points above in a well-constructed paper using APA format (intext citations, reference section, headers, title page and page numbers). Your paper should consist of 16-20
pages of content which do not include reference pages or cover page. Each of the eight points will be in a new section and clearly address the issue with supporting documentation. Use charts, tables, and graphics to provide clear details.

Health Facility Business Plan

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