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How to write a state report for the school

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A state report is an overview of the status of the nation in the light of many aspects. State reports are kind of assignments that are commonly given to the students in the elementary levels. A state report for academic purposes need not be very much detailed. However, in order for one to write an appealing state report, the following should be done.

  1. Visit the official website of the state that you want to write a report about. In many of states websites, there is provided a student’s page where they can get the knowledge of the basic issues and facts about the particular state. In case of a situation where the website does not provide a specific page, just get the general information that has been provided.
  2. Begin the report with a general overview of the state. The information provided here includes the state’s population, capital, natural features as well as the geography in general.
  3. A state report should give the information on the shape of the geographical features salient in that state. In a state report, one should be able to know whether the state being talked about is an island, an archipelago, landlocked or even a desert. In the state report, give clear details about the top known mountains, rivers, valleys and other features. Also give a general description of the climate, average rainfall or even snowfall for the countries that are located at the Polar Regions. Give an interesting or an extra ordinary geographical features about the state for example the hanging gardens of Babylon or the Bermuda triangle.
  4. In a state report, give the historical foundations in social, cultural, economic and political perspectives. Comment on the government, economy and the culture of the country, for example the Jamaica’s pasapasa ceremony.
  5. A state report should include all the major industry and also anything that seems funny or controversial in that nation.
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