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How to start writing a thesis statement

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A thesis statement is a focus of your main idea which is based on the topic of the research and gives your standpoint in relation to the topic. Once a person reads your thesis statement, they should be in a position to tell what the paper or the entire research is about. The thesis statement also helps the writer to keep focused on their topic of research. The following are some of the steps that one can use so as to start writing a thesis statement. It should be noted that the thesis statement is the steering tool for the validity the value of the research.

Steps towards the start of writing a thesis statement

  1. Know your topic. Obviously your research is based on some topics of interest. Being familiar with the topic of the paper is the most basic step for one to start writing a thesis statement. It is from the topic that you extract themes that that helps in the statement of thesis and the development of the entire research.
  2. be specific. A thesis statement should not be general. It should pinpoint the central idea of the research paper. In this respect, the thesis statement should be written in concise language that clearly directs the reader to the main subject of the research.
  3. Make sure that the thesis statement that you write can be argued. It should be stated in such a way that leaves the facets for the write to articulate the extensive ideas. Plain statements will not produce a research that is detailed.
  4. Make a mini-outline of your paper. Basically, a thesis statement should provide readers with a clear outline of your paper. The readers should not guess on what your work is about.
  5. Choose the words of stating your thesis statement. The statement should be written clearly and in good grammar.
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