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Sample paper: BUS475- Social Performance of Organizations

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BUS475- Social Performance of Organizations

BUS475- Social Performance of Organizations




Social Performance

Question one

Nature of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. an American company that specializes in the production of high technologically integrated products. It specializes in the manufacture of computers, and computer-associated products peddled to outmatch competitor’s products while availing quality and better software services to its customers at the same time. Apple Company in mainly is focused on the production of computers and its associated products. It faces competition from other electronic firms producing similar products such as Dell and Samsung (Aguinis & Glavas, 2012). In essence, for every product on Apple’s roster, it is arguably inevitable to find a non-apple substitute.

Apple Company faces limited competition from Dell and Microsoft as it specializes in manufacturing user-friendly computers resulting in its competitive advantage hence increased market share. A monopolistic competition firm initiates its unique price on a particular market segment or niche peddled by the notion that products’ differentiation meets specific consumer’s taste and preferences (Sutherland, 2012). The price determination is thus pegged at firms:

  1. Objective
  2. Cost function
  3. Government regulations
  4. Demand for products.
  5. Types of Products

The range of items and services the company gives to consumers in various market segments such as iPhones products, iPods, iPads, MacAir, MacBook, Apple laptops and desktops, Apple TVs, guarantee services and proper packaging are all attributable to the combined efforts of the Company’s workforce.

The Apple Company uses a Unique Selling Proposition, ‘we provide a lifestyle with our products.’ The Company instead offer the USP with its products including iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that speak for themselves thereby providing unique features that could not be met by Samsung and LG Companies during the time of market introduction (Elliot, 2012). Apple Inc, therefore, uses its user experience (UX) as the USP with the beautiful and simple to use products to sell.

Question B

Factors outside the company that directly or indirectly impact the company’s ability to function is what is referred to as the external environment of the organization.  Mentioned below are two of the key factors considered most influential specifically regarding Apple’s success:

  1. a) Customers

Customers are inclusive of the external elements that can be influenced via different channels such as marketing of products and strategic use of corporate information (Aguinis & Glavas, 2012). Consequently, the relationship between the company and its consumers should be embedded on finding ways to influence them to purchase the product.

To improve on sales, the key variable is to improve on marketing. As a result, market research is a tool used in assessing the effectiveness of marketing messages to improve on what is short on expectations for future marketing programs……………………………………………………………..7pages

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