How to write a good capstone project

A capstone project, interchangeably called senior thesis, or longer writing projects are design-oriented or research oriented solutions that are typically interactive and substantial. The meaning of this is that the final product can be implemented and consumed. Many universities and colleges across the globe have made capstone projects a requisite for graduation during their final year of study in school. For some students, capstone project provides them with great opportunities to step to higher professional levels in their field of study.

In order for a person to write a good capstone project the following should be taken in consideration. Actually, the following is what should be done.

    • Carefully choose your mentor who is well versed with the field of study that you want to write a capstone project on.
    • Choose a good topic that you have details and sufficient information. It should be noted that the topic is the umbrella under which everything you write in your project is covered. A topic that has limited information will never give a detailed senior thesis, a factor that can make your professor award dismal marks and grades.
    • Ensure that the paper that you are working on has the ability to be expanded. In order for a student to write a good capstone project, they do not necessarily have to emerge with a fully new idea. Most of such projects that are successful are considered to reworkings, expansions and extensive explorations of the previous papers.
    • Organize your time properly. Together with your mentor, ensure that you establish a convenient time schedule for visits and consultations.
    • Consider the length of the paper. Inasmuch as capstone projects are comparatively long, the quality is what most of the professors look for. Thoroughly consult with your adviser on the average length that the paper is supposed to take.
    • Revise your paper and make sure you have fully used academic language.

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